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SQLizer Beta 2.0
FirstSQL is releasing into Beta testing a 100% Java, SQL database independent tool for anyone needing to write simple or sophisticated SQL queries.

Sqlizer provides a GUI interface for building even the most complex SQL queries. Queries are built by picking from lists of tables and their elements, SQL options, and clicking buttons to proceed. Data entry is required only for literal values, optional column headings and special options. The resulting SQL statements can be named and saved for reuse and modification later. While some understanding of SQL terms and commands may be required, knowledge of them can be gained by referencing the SQL Tutorial section of the documentation.

Sqlizer is database independent and written in 100% Java and designed to work with any SQL database that supports JDBC. It is designed to help database users create standard SQL syntax based on SQL89 with ODBC extensions (functions, outer join, date/time values) and some optional SQL92 features (CAST, IS UNKNOWN). Sqlizer supports grouped, summary and union queries. It supports joins, subqueries, expressions, functions and type conversions. Database application developers and DBA’s can embed SQLizer in applications to provide end-users with an easy tool for creating new SQL queries and reports.

When building queries, a full or partially completed query or subquery can be executed at any time with the Run button. This invokes an interactive SQL utility, IjdbcWin to display and manage statements and query results. IjdbcWin provides several display formats including a default scrollable grid.

Completed queries can be saved to files in Sqlizer and read into Sqlizer at a later time. Sqlizer query files contain the query description as well as all connection and option information.

Sqlizer is highly configurable with an external Properties files. It looks for a main properties file - sqlizer.prop, which also can point to several auxiliary properties files. If no sqlizer.prop file is found it uses the JDBC connection defaults to connect to the database.

The following screen shot of the main screen provide a small glimps of the interface.

Application developers and end-users will appreciate the ease at which they can view and work with their databases, tables and elements to build complex SQL statements that can be saved for later use and modification.

SQLizer fits nicely in between the category of simple SQL Query building tools and full featured development tools with too much overhead and high cost. Because many developers will want to imbed the query generator inside their database applications, SQLizer is priced at a low $295 for the full system with affordable runtime prices for application distribution and deployment.

SQLizer is provided at no charge during Beta testing. Contact FirstSQL for more information and how to the latest Beta version.

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