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Checklist For Technical Support From FFE Software, Inc.
Here's a chart summarizing the differences between the levels of technical support packages offered by FFE Software.

Technical Support Features Primary Premium Premium 24x7

Primary - Standard technical support with first 30-days free

Unlimited communication & personal replies X X X
Access via email direct to development engineers. X X X
Escalation up to CTO when needed X X X
Advice on commands & utilities X X X
Advice on performance bottlenecks X X X
Advice on backup & recovery X X X
Updates & upgrades included X X X

Premium - Technical support for advanced users and Fault Tolerant configurations

Developer logins to your server for mission-critical help   X X
On-line help with crashes & recovery   X X
On-line help with tuning & optimization   X X
On-line help with bugs, fixes, & upgrades   X X
Fault tolerance - Master/Standby issues   X X
Check-up of database and JVM configuration   X X
FirstSQL GUI and Command line tool issues   X X
Max developer log-on & major project hours per month   2 10
Live phone operators on duty at USA dispatch center. Phone us 6am-4pm Mon-Fri London time for EMA.   X X
Phone us 9am-7pm Mon-Fri New York time.
(for customers in the Americas)
  X X
Phone replies from developers within 1 hour   X X
Request by name individual developers   X X
Premuim 24x7, 365 days per year.
Place emergency calls to developers 24x7, 365 days/year     X
Replies to emergency calls in 30 minutes 24x7     X
Access to entire dev team 24x7 in emergencies     X
One personal developer as your regular liaison     X

Technical Support Pricing on Annual Basis

Primary (30 days included free) FirstSQL/J Professional = $99  
  FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server = $239  
Premium $ 8,000 (for 2 servers)  
Premium 24x7, 365 days per year $ 36,000  
Full Source Code Contact FFE Software, Inc.  

Contact FFE at 1-510-232-6800 or sales@firstsql.com if you have any questions or want to review the support agreement contract.

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iodbc - a complete console utility for database access using ODBC.

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