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This section is provided to give you a central location for accessing various Java and database resources including 3rd party websites, papers and publications. Feel free to contact FirstSQL if you would like to add a resource to this section.

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Java is having a significant influence in the world of computers, from servers to embedded devices. It is the first Universal language, portable not only at the source level but at the byte code level too.

Java is impacting database systems even more. The ability to write an application once and deploy it anywhere is a significant advantage over non-Java development languages. Depending on the JVM implementation, performance is now at the same level of equivilent C-based applications.

An overview of the synergy between Java and Database Systems is provided in a separate page - Java and Database Synergy.

An overview of the relational database model is provided at - Dr. Edgar Frank Codd

An overview of SQL and an excellent Tutorial is provided by Lee Fesperman at - SQL Tutorial

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  • Industrial pc, vme, & compact pci products Kontron offers industrial PC products such as vme, compact pci, picmg, embedded control, and more.
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    • Java Developers Journal
    • Java World Magazine
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      • Cay S. Horstmann, Gary Cornell, Core Java 1.1 : Fundamentals. A clear, comprehensive examination of Java programming fundamentals.
      • Cay S. Horstmann, Gary Cornell, Core Java 1.1: Advanced Features. A good introduction to programming with Java's advanced features.

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iodbc - a complete console utility for database access using ODBC.

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