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First Class Customers of FirstSQL/J
Let us introduce you to just a few of our World Class customers so you can get an idea of what FirstSQL/J is used for and what they are saying.

Indidge Systems

Who We Are
Indidge is an industrial automation solutions vendor for manufacturers. We identify and apply the latest and the greatest technologies to software tools that empower the e-Manufacturing world.

Indidge builds automation software solutions for the manufacturing industry, that are easy to learn and use. At Indidge, we are committed to bringing a competitive advantage to our customers. We do this by taking powerful state of the art software technologies, applying them to complex manufacturing applications and combining them with easy to use Graphical User Interfaces. We aim to make total e-Manufacturing a practical reality for everyone. We specialize in communication and control applications for the semiconductor industry. Our software solutions that include the latest Internet technologies can improve productivity and reduce manufacturing costs.

Our Products

Semula is a modular and easy to use SECS/GEM simulation tool for validating semiconductor factory automation. Semula implements SEMI E5 and E37 standards. Semula has an intelligent SECS message engine that simplifies that task of validating factory automation systems. Semula uses the latest technologies to simplify the task of SECS/GEM simulation by automating the code generation. Semula is ready for the next generation factory automation by incorporating XML and other emerging communication standards. With Semula there is no need to learn any simulation scripting languages. With a few mouse clicks you can start the simulation run within a few minutes. Semula saves you thousands of dollars in training and programming costs.


idTracks-Gauges is a manufacturing gauge tracking software. Tracking actual gauge usage is important for gauges that require calibration. Calibration is expensive and a gauge that is held up in calibration may slow down or even stop certain operations on the manufacturing floor. idTracks-Gauges can also track the jobs and products that used a specific gauge. idTracks-Gauges can help you take control of your gauge management and gauge maintenance tasks by tracking a gauge checkout, usage and calibration operations. It can use barcodes or iButtonsTM for tracking all the steps your gauges go through in the warehouse and the factory floor. It is a flexible tool that can be configured to your factory operations and can save you thousands of dollars every year in gauge calibration costs, manufacturing delay and rework costs.


Performa is a web based Enterprise Equipment Performance Tracking application developed to address the challenges of the new generation manufacturing facilities. Performa collects events and alarms data from the equipment and presents performance metrics in a graphical format. Performa generates and delivers reports by email at your own schedule. Performa wireless solutions send the reports and notifications to PDAs and bring the equipment performance data to your finger tips. Performa is a highly reliable and scalable EPT system and is an essential tool in the modern manufacturing engineer’s arsenal.

Why We Chose FirstSQL
Our applications are driven to fulfill the knowledge requirements of our manufacturing customers. They demand and expect high reliability and precision. Our applications run in critical industrial control environments, which demand high performance. We needed a database solution that requires little maintenance. Database systems are an integral part of our applications and we needed a database that can meet or exceed our manufacturing customer requirements. We saw many and narrowed to a few only to finalize on FirstSQL. FirstSQL database met the requirements of our data hungry applications. The team at FirstSQL met the requirements of our demanding engineers. We received excellent support from FirstSQL during the development of our product. Our support requests and suggestions were addressed in a very responsive and timely manner. In addition to meeting our requirements their relentless support and the seamless integration of their database are the two main reasons for our decision. We are very happy to find a database vendor that is willing to go the extra mile.

Project Manager

NSpiral, LLC

Who We Are
NSpiral LLC designs and implements highly available, scalable, distributed systems; integrating existing applications and databases using a variety of protocols to deliver data between enterprise servers and remote devices.

One of the application problems solved with FirstSQL involved receiving bursts of messages to in-vehicle devices and caching the messages for input to a "performance limited" legacy database. The longer vehicles were out of wireless coverage the greater the load of messages they received when they returned. Using FirstSQL Enterprise server in memory mode, the impedance mismatch between the rapidly incoming messages and the slower integration into the legacy systems with limited resources was resolved. In the reverse case, FirstSQL performance allowed the rapid queuing of outbound messages and asynchronous delivery of the messages to resource limited wireless network gateways.

Why We Chose FirstSQL
The decision was made to go with an embedded database with a reasonable price and dependable technical support rather than use one of the so-called "free" open-source databases which, a) in most cases was not free for distribution with commercial applications or, b) would result in increased cost in additional development time and multi-platform deployment problems, etc. Although FirstSQL can provide source code, we don't feel messing with open source is a good use of our time.

NSpiral chose FirstSQL for inclusion in embedded applications because of its advanced feature options, speed, ease of use, deployment flexibility, and price/value point. We may not use the powerful Java object capability in all of our applications but it is great to have when you need it.

FirstSQL-based applications included:

-- High speed Message queue that handled bursts of incoming wireless messages in 24/7 available mission critical application.
-- Custom designed forward caching used to accelerate web page delivery by pre-fetching data from legacy databases.
-- Fault-tolerant generic object storage systems used in a variety of applications.

Project Manager

Data 8 Technologies
Who We Are
Data8 Technologies aims to be a leading supplier of stock market investment technologies. We believe it is an investor's right to have freedom of choice - both for the markets they trade in and the computing platform they trade on. Data8 provides multi-platform access to data from over 40 markets around the world. With our 100% Java application, GlobalTrader, we deliver the tools and training required to develop and test a systematic trading strategy across one or more markets. Our products provide tools to support trading in multiple markets, market data retrieval, portfolio management, technical analysis and historical trade simulation.

Why We Chose FirstSQL
Our GlobalTrader application provides tools for use by serious traders in over 40 markets around the world with 10 years of history in each market. That's a lot of data! One of our biggest hurdles was to find a means of providing cross-platform persistence for our application without burdening our users with complicated installation processes or ongoing data administration tasks. We needed a 100% pure Java database that combined standards compliance, ease of installation, and simple integration within our application with zero maintenance requirements. On top of this we were hoping our solution would give us database transaction support and do all this without sacrificing performance.

After trialing numerous database solutions that compromised at least some of our design goals we came to FirstSQL. We've never looked back. Finally we found a product that met every one of our design requirements. After years of dealing with jaded customer support engineers we were pleasantly surprised at the responsiveness of the FirstSQL support which has been superior to any other product in our experience. The good news didn't stop there. FirstSQL's reasonable licensing costs made our pricing targets workable and the personal contact from the sales team made us feel like valued customers from day one.

If you are looking for a 100% Java database solution ..... stop. - You have found it!

Project Leader

Global Science & Technology
Who We Are
For more than a decade, Global Science & Technology, Inc. has been providing expert consulting in the fields of earth and space science to worldwide government, industry and academic communities. From high-science projects such as the Hubble Space Telescope program and the Space Shuttle mission, to meteorology, software engineering, and satellite communications, GST has built a preeminent technical tradition that extends across more than 30 countries on all seven continents, and beyond into deep space.

We're using FirstSQL/J in our new product DirectMet GIS. DirectMet GIS combines weather satellite imagery with industry standard GIS data files for easy analysis and interpretation. FirstSQL/J stores imagery and data file metadata allowing the user to locate desired data quickly. In particular, we keep geospatial information in the database, such as area covered and projection, stored as a Java object. This allows complex queries such as "show me all the areas containing / intersecting / not containing / near this point / area" to be executed quickly and easily.

Why We Chose FirstSQL
We chose FirstSQL/J after comparing it to offerings from larger companies such as Cloudscape and Pointbase, and smaller companies such as HypersonicSQL, InstantDB, and QED. We really wanted a database that supported objects so that eliminated a number of competitors. Other factors that led to the selection of FirstSQL/J were footprint size, ease of deployment (invisible to the end user), features, performance, and price (upfront and per deployed license).

I'm glad we selected FirstSQL/J and have no regrets about it. Support has been outstanding and even my stupid questions have been answered quickly and professionally.

Project Leader

PiCOS, Incorporated
Who We Are
We develop medical software for physician practice management. The core of the clinical portion of our software is the Dictation Engine, which utilizes detailed images of the anatomy and appropriately posed questions and answers to allow a physician to quickly document a patient encounter using platforms ranging from desktop machines to handheld devices in the field. The output of this process is a fully textual encounter note and the necessary codes for billing.

We are using FirstSQL as part of the next generation of our Total Practice Manager clinical application, which is essentially a far more advanced version of the original. FirstSQL will serve as the data repository for a complex expert system for patient encounter documentation.

Why We Chose FirstSQL
FirstSQL was chosen after months of evaluating numerous databases. We looked at both commercial and open-source offerings, but none seemed to fit our needs as well as FirstSQL.

Our primary need was for an OO Database that supported Java. While many database fit that need, no database seemed to better support that need than FirstSQL. Whereas, other solutions forced developers to extend from database specific base classes, or use some odd SQL expressions for retrieving data, FirstSQL provided a very straightforward way of managing and connecting to objects in the database.

We also liked the flexibility that FirstSQL offered in terms of memory and deployment configuration options. This flexibility would allow us to pursue other peripheral projects with different requirements while still using the same database management system.

Project Leader

Contact FirstSQL at 1-510-232-6800 or sales@firstsql.com if you have any questions.

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