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Innovative Features in FirstSQL
While the effectiveness of relational database systems is unquestioned today, the basic principles that underlie this revolutionary method of managing data are largely ignored. Vendors are content to pay lip service to a minimal standard and concentrate on peripheral features that do little to exploit the power of the relational model. The current standards provide at most 30% compliance with the relational model, even though relational features have driven the success of current RDBMSs.

FirstSQL is a truly innovative product containing advanced features that making it the most relationally complete RDBMS on the market. This section contains papers describing advanced features in the FirstSQL RDBMS. These innovative features provide FirstSQL users unsurpassed power in managing and utilizing their data. They allow us to issue the challenge - Can Your Database Do This?

Can Your Database Do This?

  • Handle Nulls Properly?, FirstSQL has advanced capabilities for processing nulls; it is the only RDBMS that has demonstrated a solution to the EXISTS Error in SQL.
  • Increase the Power of SQL?, FirstSQL's innovative extensions to SQL greatly increase the power of SQL.
  • Protect Your Data with Complete Referential Integrity?, FirstSQL provides the most complete referential integrity implementation available, also supporting self-referencing and cross-referencing referential integrity.
  • Be Fundamentally Sound?, FirstSQL is unsurpassed as a relationally sound implementation, avoiding the errors and incorrect implementations that plague other vendors and their users.

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iodbc - a complete console utility for database access using ODBC.

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