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FirstSQL® Releases Version 2.0 With In-Memory Database Architecture And High Availability Support

El Cerrito, Calif. - December 30, 2002 - FFE Software, Inc., the developer of 100% Java Object-relational SQL database systems, today announced the availability of FirstSQL/J version 2.0 for the Enterprise Server and Professional Edition. With the release of version 2.0, FirstSQL continues its technology lead in advanced high performance embedded Java ORDBMS technology. Major features in version 2.0 include Main Memory mode for real-time performance and Replication servers for High Availability applications. Initial customer trials report increases of 1500% in transaction performance running in Main Memory mode.

In Main Memory mode, the ORDBMS stores all data (tables, classes, indexes) in memory for ultra fast direct access and manipulation. Persistent data is written to magnetic media and provides complete recovery in the case of a database restart. FirstSQL/J 2.0 provides both traditional Disk access mode and two Main Memory modes to give customers a choice in database performance from a single database product.

In addition to In-Memory architecture, version 2.0 provides Online Backup, and the Enterprise Server Edition also includes Replication with Fault Recovery support for High Availability configurations. Sometimes called mirror servers, Replication servers can run in conjunction with the primary server to provide additional read-only databases. For High Availability requirements, a special type of replication server, known as a Standby server, provides live recovery from failure of the primary server. When a Standby server detects the primary server has failed, it automatically switches to read-write mode. Clients can immediately start using the Standby server, now the primary server, for access and transaction processing on an up-to-date database.

FirstSQL/J version 2.0 also provides new utilities for maintaining physical databases. The Maint tools provide a single, easy interface to copy and backup physical databases, including online backup, restore a database, and build a new physical database. As with all FirstSQL/J tools, the Maint tools are designed to enhance developer productivity and simplify the need for creating different types of databases including replicas and read-only databases.

"The option of In-memory database architecture combined with a 100% Java ORDBMS is a tremendous benefit for Java developers everywhere. From deeply embedded systems to 64-bit servers, the ability to install and execute a single IMDB application anywhere is a significant advantage for commercial application developers and end-users alike."

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