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FirstSQL Announces License Agreement with MobIsle Communications Ltd For FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server Which Implements Real-time Fault Tolerant Monitoring of Wireless Subscriber Usage. The system has gone live with a long term support agreement from FirstSQL.

10.08.03 - FFE Software, Inc., a provider of 100% Java Object-relational SQL database systems, today announced the licensing of FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server to the wireless carrier MobIsle Communications Ltd., operating under the trade name go mobile, mobile operator of the Maltacom Group. FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server proved to be essential for the development of a real-time rating engine for value added services. Because of the systemís sensitivity, a high degree of database server availability, scalability and performance were required. The system uses FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server in a Master/Standby configuration to provide continuous 24/7 availability, using the classical client/server model. Clients can connect to Linux servers operating in load sharing mode.

Service providers and operators compete and succeed by achieving increased effectiveness and maximum value from their wireless networks. Accessing subscriber information in real-time on a continuous basis is necessary to achieve this, and provides a foundation for rapidly deploying innovative new services and options to its customers.

FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server is focused on the market for real-time fault tolerant business intelligence applications that use the relational database model and complex Java objects together to address business needs. FirstSQL/J provides an In-memory Java ORDBMS with advanced SQL functionality for manipulating serialized Java objects and their methods. Serialized Java object persistence is provided internally without the complexity and need for external O/R mapping tools.

"FirstSQL/J is a great database tool and technical support is very satisfactory. We were pleased to work with FirstSQL developers in implementing an industry leading solution that comprehensively addresses our current and prospective requirements," said Francis Calleja, Billing Systems Project Executive, at go mobile.

"State-of-the-art Business Intelligence systems are driving the requirement for high availability and high performance. The lowest total cost of ownership, and highest ROI, in the industry is provided by In-memory database architecture in a fault tolerant configuration using Linux and standard PC equipment," said Vice President of Marketing, at FFE Software, Inc.

About go mobile
go mobile is the trade name of MobIsle Communications Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Maltacom plc. The Company has a subscriber base of over 120,000 users - around 45% of the market. go mobile has invested in state-of-the-art GSM/ GPRS/ WiFi infrastructure. go mobile obtained its operating license in September 2000 to provide mobile cellular services in Malta. The company started offering its services on 1 December 2000. go mobile employs around 180 people with plans to expand further.

Contact: Franco Aloisio, Media Relations, Marketing
Phone: +356 21 246 200
Fax: +356 2591 1072
Email: franco.aloisio@go.com.mt

About FFE Software, Inc.
FFE Software, Inc. provides advanced high performance 100% Java Object-relational SQL database technology for servers, embedded systems, and mobile devices. FirstSQL/J delivers the power of Java objects integrated with a relational database and SQL92. Java, as the basis for the object capabilities, ensures the widest availability of services and flexibility for database application developers. FirstSQL/J is used by world leaders, from Wall Street firms to high-energy research laboratories to wireless infrastructure providers, for a variety state-of-the-art database services and solutions. The company is managed by leading relational database, Java, and In-Memory database technology experts and database industry veterans.

Contact FirstSQL at 1-510-232-6800 or sales@firstsql.com if you have any questions.

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