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IjdbcWIN 2.0
FFE Software, Inc. understands that ease of use in developing database applications is a key to the success of FirstSQL/J and its users. IjdbcWin is the interactive GUI utility for connecting to JDBC and executing SQL commands now included with FirstSQL/J Professional and Enterprise Server. Version 2.0 includes some new features that make SQL and ORDBMS development even easier.

The previous interactive panels have been improved and a Catalog panel is added to provide an comprehensive view of the tables and structure along with User-defined Types, or Java classes created in the database. Items in the Catalog panel can be copied and paseted in the Query panel for faster SQL statement creation. Also, IjdbcWin 2.0 provides a toolbar with icon buttons to make working with it even easier.

Designed in Java AWT, IjdbcWin provides a GUI interface anywhere FirstSQL/J can run. The following screen shot of the Catalog panel shows detailed levels of the Java class "money" stored in the "demo" database.

Application developers will appreciate the ease at which they can view and work with the databases in FirstSQL/J.

Descriptions of the panel options:


Use the Connect Panel to load JDBC drivers and connect to them. The 'Load JDBC Driver' button brings up the Load Dialog for loading and registering a JDBC Driver. The Dialog provides a built-in list of drivers to load, or you can enter another driver name.

To connect to a JDBC driver in the Connect Panel, enter a JDBC URL and optional user and password. Clicking the Connect button or Enter key will start the connection. You can reconnect at any time.


After connecting to JDBC, use the Query Panel to read and edit SQL command scripts. The Query Panel provides an area for editing SQL commands. Use the file icons or the File Menu to open, save and print SQL script files. The edit icons and Edit Menu support cut & paste operations.

The SQL script can be a single SQL command or a set of commands, each separated by the 'go' command, like Ijdbc. The 'go' command must be on a separate line. If the driver supports it, multiple commands can be placed under a go. The final go command is optional.

To execute a SQL command or set of commands, click the Exec Icon or use the Query Menu and choose Execute Query.


After executing SQL commands, the formatted output is available in the Results Panel. Use the scroll bars to view longer outputs. Click the Print Icon or choose Print on the File Menu to print the current results.

For multiple commands, click the Next/Prior Icons or use the 'Next Query' and 'Prior Query' options on the Query Menu to move between the results for each command. The Options Panel provides for configuring the results format.

Each Execute Query clears any previous results.


After connecting to JDBC, use the Catalog Panel to view catalog information. The Catalog Panel provides a tree display of the catalog for the current connection.

Click on a box [+] to display detail information. The top level of the catalog tree shows the database schemas for the connection. Under each schema, are the tables, views and user-defined types for the schema.


The Options Panel provides configuration choices for results display and print formats.


The IjdbcWin Toolbar has the following icon buttons:

+ New - clear Query Panel for entering new SQL commands

+ Open - open and read SQL script file into Query Panel

+ Save - save updated SQL script file from Query Panel

+ Print - print contents of Results or Query Panel

+ Cut - delete highlighted text and store in clipboard

+ Copy - store highlighted text in clipboard

+ Paste - paste text from clipboard at current cursor, replacing any highlighted text

+ Clear - delete highlighted text, don't store in clipboard

+ Exec - execute the current SQL command(s) fromd Query Panel

+ Prior - move to prior results in Results Panel + Next - move to next results in Results Panel

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