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FirstSQL/J Intel Itanium2 Test Overview
Download the latest release FirstSQL/J v2.5 from the Download Section.

We have been working with the Intel(R) Itanium2(R) using Windows 2000 and BEA JRockit(T) 1.4.1 v8.x. As expected, FirstSQL/J loaded right up and ran great.

We used v2.5 and both Professional and Enterprise Server installed and ran great and we have some benchmark results for the Enterprise Server. Send us an email if you would like to see the detailed results along with a description of the benchmark routines.

Itanium2 64-bit Platform: 4-way Itanium 2, 1.13 GHz processors, 1GB of memory (4X256 DDR memory modules), Windows 2003 (Release Candidate 2), Bea JRockit 8.0 b1 - one client connection.

FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server on 64-bit Itanium2 Benchmark results % increase over 32-bit are as follows:

Performance Increase:--Disk Mode---------In-Memory Mode
Simple Inserts------------14%-----------------18%
Complex Inserts-----------35%----------------56%
Simple Query--------------34%----------------22%
Complex Query------------- 7%----------------13%
Complex Inserts/Query-----20%---------------13% (Bench3 ecommerce routines - one client)

When we get a chance we will run the combined complex Insert/Query (Bench3) with multiple client connections because we know concurrency was a magnitude greater with the first Itanium2 with 100-1000 client connections all executing the Bench3 routines.

Note: the JRockit on the iTanium2 was a beta version 8.0 1.4.1b and we had the latest release 8.0-1.4.1 on the 32-bit machine. Because so much depends on the JVM, we are not sure about fine tuning performance enhancements yet, we will be looking into the possibility of increasing our 64-bit performance. We are confident that multi-gigabyte databases run in-memory on the 64-bit will see a performance differential that is substantial over 32-bit.

Contact FirstSQL at 1-510-232-6800 or sales@firstsql.com if you have any questions.

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