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FirstSQL News Archives

11.6.07 - First Public Beta of Synchronization Service, synchronizes server database with JSE/JME clients.

10.28.07 - FirstSQL/J Embedded Mobile released, supporting JME (CDC/CLDC) and other embedded systems.

10.22.07 - Version 3.10, robust new release of FirstSQL/J Java DB now available.

8.22.07 - SQLfX Beta Available, next generation XML processing.

10.28.05 - New Embedded Mobile Edition in first public beta, supporting full J2ME (CDC/CLDC) and other embedded systems.

6.6.05 - Article on 3.00 in SD Times, "FirstSQL: Keeping up with the Joneses' Database".

5.2.05 - Version 3.00 released and available now. Triggers, Sequence Keys, Constraint Enhancements and ODBC 3 Driver.

2.23.05 - Version 3.00 in first public beta, providing Triggers, Sequence (Auto-Increment) Keys, Constraint Enhancements, plus ODBC Driver for Server

9.9.04 - Article, Understanding JCA, by FFE founder published online in Java Developer's Journal (JDJ)

7.26.04 - SQL Tutorial Improved, Version 2

7.14.04 - ODBC Driver for Enterprise Server Announced; Beta Available

7.9.04 - New technical article online: "Highly Available Databases"

7.7.04 - Announcement: FFE Software reabsorbs FirstSQL, Inc.

6.17.04 - Version 2.75 released and available now. Performance and Scalability Enhancements.

4.13.04 - Arjuna+JBoss Application Server Includes Full Version of FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server.

4.2.04 - Atomikos TransactionsJTA Includes Full Version of FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server.

2.20.04 - Version 2.70 released and available now. Includes enhanced support for J2EE Application Servers.

10.13.03 - FirstSQL/J v2.60 Available with support for J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA) and Distributed Transactions (XA/JTA), and more.

10.8.03 - Long Term Agreement with MobIsle Communications Ltd Which Implements Real-time Fault Tolerant Monitoring of Wireless Subscriber Usage.

9.28.03 - Ijdbc 2.12 available with JDK 1.4.2 fix.

6.11.03 - FirstSQL/J v2.50 is released and available for download.

6.11.03 - FirstSQL/J v2.50 has CONNECT BY construct to support recursive queries for Business Intelligence systems.

6.06.03 - Nice article on FirstSQL by Phil Howard of Bloor Research.

5.28.03 - FirstSQL/J Rocks on ITanium2 4-Way 64-bit

5.1.03 - Java Developers Journal, May, 2003 issue reviews FirstSQL/J on MAC OSX and Windows.

2.20.03 - FirstSQL/J ProLite now available with free development license.

1.21.03 - Import/Export Utility using delimiter-separated files now included in IjdbcWin v2.5.

1.10.03 - Read FirstSQL/J "Native Object/Relational Wrappers" article on Byte.com

12.30.02 - FirstSQL/J v2.0 with In-Memory Architecture and Replication for High Availability Released.

11.01.02 - Read "Java Objects in the Database" Article in Database Trends And Applications Magazine.

09.26.02 - SQLizer Beta2 - SQL Query Building Tool is Available Now!

08.21.02 - Enhanced IjdbcWin Available Now!

05.6.02 - FirstSQL® Adds Support For Intel® Itanium® 64-bit Processor.

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