FirstSQL/J 2.75 Debuts!

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FirstSQL/J 2.75 Debuts!

Thursday, June 17, 2004, El Cerrito, CA -- FFE Software, Inc. (parent company for FirstSQL, Inc.) announced immediate availability of FirstSQL/J Enterprise Edition, Version 2.75 and FirstSQL/J Professional Edition, Version 2.75. The Enterprise and Professional Editions are full featured Object/Relational Database Management Systems (ORDBMSs). Both products can be obtained through our Download Page.

FFE hailed the new release as a major advance in performance and scalability, setting a new standard for Java databases and databases in general. Working with their partners (builders of high performance JVMs and other J2EE vendors), the developers at FFE Software, Inc. have significantly improved the Database Engine, increasing performance and concurrency and providing much more scalable operation. Lee Fesperman, CEO of FFE Software, stated, "Version 2.75 seriously raises the bar for efficiency and scalable operation among SQL DBMSs, especially in the J2EE arena."

Version 2.75 also contains enhanced J2EE support and several changes to increase usability.

More Details
The new Version 2.75 features enhanced performance, concurrency and scalability. FFE developers worked closely with FFE partners -- high performance JVM manufacturers, Application Server producers and other J2EE vendors, to tune the ORDBMS for high performance and heavy workload situations. The developers revamped the FirstSQL Engine to increase scalability and improve basic performance.

Version 2.75 can take advantage of advanced JVM technology as well as other advances such as 64 Bit CPUs and hyperthreading, while remaining JDK 1.1 compatible. The 2.75 Database Engine has been tuned with a wide variety of JVMs, including multi-CPU super JVMs.

The FirstSQL/J release contains improvements in J2EE and XA (Distributed Transaction) support. It also includes fixes to all bugs reported since Version 2.70 was released.

Note: FirstSQL/J 2.75 has run with the Ecperf and SpecJAppServer2004 benchmark packages. Benchmark results and a toolkit will be published at a later time.

The Company
FFE Software has been in the database business for 15 years and is a pioneer in Object/Relational DBMSs. It develops and markets FirstSQL database products. FFE first released its advanced FirstSQL/J ORDBMS in early 2000.

Contact: or 1-510-232-6800.

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