FirstSQL/J Embedded Mobile Initial Release

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FirstSQL/J Embedded Mobile Initial Release

Sunday, October 28, 2007, El Cerrito, CA -- FFE Software, Inc. announced immediate availability of the first release of its new Java DB -- FirstSQL/J Embedded Mobile Edition. Embedded Mobile is a special packaging of the standard FirstSQL/J Java DB for a small footprint, supporting JME and suitable for other embedded configurations. Download FirstSQL/J Embedded Mobile through our Download Page.

FFE acclaimed the new product for bringing standards based database processing to embedded and mobile systems. FirstSQL/J Embedded Mobile includes full support for JME (Java Micro Edition) as well as for JSE (Java Standard Edition) in small footprint configurations. Embedded Mobile Java DB has components for both JME MIDP (CLDC) and JME Personal Profile/Basis (CDC).

Lee Fesperman, CEO of FFE Software, stated, "FirstSQL Java DB is truly Anywhere and Everywhere, from cellphones to mainframes."

The first release of Embedded Mobile is Version 3.10, to align it with the just released Professional & Enterprise Editions.

The Product
FirstSQL/J Embedded Mobile is a complete DBMS implemented in 100% Java; it features:

The Company
FFE Software has been in the database business for 18 years and is a pioneer in Object/Relational DBMSs. It develops and markets FirstSQL database products. FFE first released its advanced FirstSQL Java DB in early 2000.

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