FirstSQL/J Embedded Mobile 3.20 Debuts!

Press Release
FirstSQL/J Embedded Mobile 3.20 Debuts!

Monday, December 21, 2009, El Cerrito, CA -- FFE Software, Inc. announced immediate availability of FirstSQL/J Embedded Mobile Edition, Version 3.20. The Embedded Mobile Edition is a full featured Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), supporting JME and suitable for other embedded configurations. The product is available through our Download Page.

FFE acclaimed the new release for establishing FirstSQL/J Embedded Mobile as the premier Database Management System in the embedded and mobile arena. Version 3.20 offers significant performance improvements, additional persistent storage capability, enhanced SQL92 compliance, full Unicode support and much more.

Lee Fesperman, CEO of FFE Software, stated, "Embedded Mobile 3.20 is robust and is the most advanced, powerful, capable and standards compliant SQL DBMS available for mobile and embedded systems."

3.20 Details
The new Embedded Mobile Version 3.20 includes the following enhancements:

The Product
FirstSQL/J is a powerhouse Relational DBMS that understands the importance of standards. FirstSQL/J features:

The Company
FFE Software has been in the database business for 20 years and is a pioneer in Object/Relational DBMSs. It develops and markets FirstSQL database products. FFE first released its advanced FirstSQL/J ORDBMS in early 2000.

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