ODBC Driver for FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server (Beta)

Press Release
ODBC Driver for FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server (Beta)

Wednesday, July 14, 2004 -- FFE Software, Inc. announced an ODBC driver for their 100% Java database server, FirstSQL/J Enterprise Edition. FirstSQL/J client applications can now be implemented in a large variety of languages, including C, C++, .Net, Perl, COBOL, Visual Basic. The Enterprise ORDBMS can be used by ODBC compatible tools and utilities.

The FirstSQL/J driver is a full-featured ODBC driver. It provides all the capabilities of the Enterprise ORDBMS with the exception of direct client manipulation of database objects.

ODBC clients can make use of database objects, as follows:

The FirstSQL/J ODBC driver is currently in beta release. To obtain the driver for beta testing, contact support@firstsql.com.

Note: The date of the full release of the ODBC driver has not been set.

For more information, contact: info@firstsql.com or 1-510-232-6800.

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