SQLfX Demo
SQLfX Demo

FFE Software is pleased to announce the Live Demo of SQLfX (SQL for XML). SQLfX is a brand new paradigm for database access to XML. It uses the [often unrecognized] hierarchical operations built into SQL92 to bring power and scalability to XML query and manipulation. SQLfX is a next generation alternative to complex navigational facilities like XQuery, XPath and XSLT.

This is a Live Demo version of SQLfX, including runnable SQLfX examples from the documentation. It executes in your browser as a unsigned Applet. You only need to have Java enabled in the browser (it should run on any version of Java.)

The SQLfX Applet accesses a FirstSQL/J database:

FFE worked with Advanced Data Access Technologies, Inc. to implement a demo middleware version of SQLfX with a GUI front-end. The SQLfX Demo is available for direct execution and evaluation at their site: SQLfX Demo.

SQLfX is also available in a form for downloading to your system. See SQLfX Beta, for more information.

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