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Product Licensing, FAQ, Technical Support, and Help.

FirstSQL database products are licensed as a development system per development computer. The evaluation version are complete systems available for a renewable, 120 day evaluation period.

FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server is $1,195 per development seat and includes unlimited client access for client/server database applications.
Professional is $495 for single-user and single access database application development per developer seat.

Frequently Asked Questions

FirstSQL/J Products require a small runtime fee for commercial application distribution. FirstSQL/J-based application demos and evaluation systems can be distributed with a runtime at no cost.

FirstSQL/J ProLite is licensed as a development system for FREE for non-commercial use. FirstSQL/J ProLite is a full version of Professional Edition v1.25.

Technical Support FirstSQL puts their customers first. We understand that our customers must be successful in order for us to be sucessful. As a result, our dedicated technical support is world class and our customers can confirm it. The products both come with free technical support via email or fax during your evaluation period. Full source code is available as well as consulting and training services by contacting FirstSQL.

FirstSQL provides Primary, Premium, and Premium 24x7 levels of annual Technical Support. Technical Support Programs and Rates

If you have any installation or operation questions please feel free to email our support group;



Subscribe to the FirstSQL Email List by sending a message to "subscribe" or "unsubscribe" in the Subject to;


This firstsql-list@firstsql.com is monitored by FirstSQL Tech Support and the FirstSQL developer community at large.

Alternatively, you may call our technical support line at:

1-510-232-6800(Pacific West Coast USA)

FAX: 1-510-237-7433

If you have any general product or licensing related questions please or call;


1-510-232-6800 (Pacific West Coast USA)

We are confident FirstSQL/J can be developed and deployed on any computing platform supporting a jdk 1.1, or greater JVM. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. It is in our interest to make sure you are successful with the least amount of effort and expense.

We look forward to assisting you and building a first class business relationship with you and your company.

Evaluating FirstSQL

For evaluating FirstSQL/J:

Please download the product with documentation at: Download

The documentation is provided in full PDF and HTML. The full PDF provides a Table of Contents that helps you find out the full functionality of the product in a single file. The individual HTML files are linked together and a good place to start is in the section --- "Quick Start to Using FirstSQL/J" (fsjquick.html). It has links to other introductory documentation. For example:

+ "Overview" (fsjover.html) -- a general overview of the ORDBMS.

+ "Introduction to Databases" (fsjintro.html) --- an introduction to setting up catalogs, schemas and tables. and creating new databases.

+ "SQL Tutorial" (tutor.html) --- a comprehensive tutorial on the SQL language. For instance, the data types as described in tutor6.html#type.

+ The attached "FAQ" has a number of basic information that help you be successful with your evaluation as well.

+ IjdcWIN is the best tool to learn how to work with the database examples and default settings.

+ The Tips section has several tips on doing various things.

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