Download Synchronization Service Beta 1
Download Synchronization Service Beta 1

This is the first public beta for the FirstSQL/J Synchronization Service. Synchronization is an add-on to an existing installation of FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server. The service synchronizes the master server with multiple clients: other Enterprise, Professional or Embedded Mobile databases. Embedded Mobile clients can be JME Personal/Basis (CDC) and JME MIDP (CLDC).

This is a full sub-system for free evaluation. Use the following link to download the evaluation file for the Synchronization Service Beta:

The file is a zipped file containing jar files and documentation. A zip utility such as unzip, pkunzip, winzip, is required to extract the contents of this file.

Create a main directory, named 'sync', for installation. Unzip the entire contents of into the new directory, preserving the directory structure of the zip file.

For more installation information, consult the readme.txt file in the 'doc' directory.

Documentation for the product is in HTML form, suitable for standard browsers. The documentation is stored in the 'doc' subdirectory in the installation directory. The page 'index.html' in 'doc' provides a table of contents for FirstSQL/J documentation.

If you have any difficulty with downloading or extracting the zip file, contact us at