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10.19.15 - New! Version of FirstSQL Professional for Android Devices available in Beta Release, with all the features of the Desktop Version and More (Free Evaluation Download).
4.15.13 - Advanced Standard SQL Dynamic Structured Data Modeling and Hierarchical Processing, New Book co-authored by Lee Fesperman of FirstSQL Software: a groundbreaking analysis of the true synergy between Hierarchical Processing and SQL.
6.11.10 - Version 3.21 of FirstSQL/J Embedded Mobile Edition now available, with new utility to configure library jars, database load improvements and, for MIDP, database encryption, user password, plus more.
12.21.09 - Version 3.20 of FirstSQL/J Embedded Mobile Edition now available, with significant performance and capability enhancements and more.
4.30.09 - Version 3.20 of FirstSQL/J Enterprise & Professional Editions now available, with full JME (CDC) compatiblity and other important new features.
1.20.09 - SQLfX Demo Now Available, as an Applet.
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Innovation matters. The advantages of the relational database model, SQL, Java, and object-orientation are well known. FirstSQL Software. brings these standard technologies together to provide a uniquely powerful object-relational database development tool for any platform anywhere.

FirstSQL enhances its robust SQL database technology with products focused on both the J2EE Enterprise and the Embedded systems developer. These 100% compatible versions are enhanced to meet the unique requirements for each developer:

FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server Edition - Important Features
FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server is focused on J2EE standards and enterprise server applications that use complex Java object models and the relational database model together to address business needs. FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server provides a scalable and sophisticated relational database with advanced OLTP and SQL functionality that includes comprehensive manipulation of Java objects and their methods.

Written in 100% Java, FirstSQL/J Java DB provides a sophisticated transactional relational database with SQL92 Intermediate level compliance. Beyond that, FirstSQL/J is the only RDBMS that stores native Java objects created from unmodified Java classes, Plain Old Java Objects (POJO), and methods to provide transparent object persistence supported with comprehensive, standard SQL manipulation.

Storing a complex Java object as a unit in a table column,
Accessing object state with object methods with full SQL,
Using object methods anywhere a value expression can be used in an SQL statement,
and much more...

In FirstSQL/J, Java object types, including methods, regardless of complexity, are seamlessly mapped internally to SQL data types, allowing comprehensive SQL manipulation of them. A change to the object does not require a change to the database structure. Not only is this significantly more efficient and easier to implement and manage, but you avoid the typical 20% performance hit that results from the overhead of lowest common denominator 3rd party O/R mapping tools. You can use 3rd party O/R mapping tools with FirstSQL/J - but you can also save the cost, complexity, configuration files, and overhead of them, not to mention new object query methodologies, for other databases. With FirstSQL/J, Java object persistence, including methods, is provided with the innovative and intuitive CREATE CLASS DDL command. - See a quick tutorial - Java Objects

Java is the Stored Procedure language for FirstSQL. Java database objects enhance the power of SQL, allowing their methods to be called in standard SQL from the client and executed on the server.

FirstSQL/J supports a rich set of SQL data types plus the ability to use Java objects in database columns. Java types are mapped with database types internally to provide maximum developer productivity. The use of Java objects, from simple to complex, in the database provides application developers with maximum flexibility by opening infinite possibilities for information storage and manipulation.

FirstSQL maintains a performance lead in OLTP, business intelligence and embedded database systems by providing a highly optimized query engine with traditional Disk access mode or In-Memory mode for ultra-high speed direct access. You now have a choice in reliable transaction processing performance from a single database system.

With FirstSQL/J, application developers can easily combine their database and application code into a single .jar file that will execute the same on any (JDK 1.1 or greater) J2EE, J2SE, Personal Java, and J2ME CDC platform. The component-based model allows the unique flexibility to add and exclude functionality to meet the needs of any database application on any computing platform. A version for CLDC is also available.

FirstSQL/J database versions:

Enterprise Server Edition - provides scalable client/server database applications with unlimited client connections, from high-end server platforms to desktop to real-time fault tolerant embedded systems.

Professional Edition - For desktop database applications requiring single connection, standalone database services - for when you don't need J2EE class functionality or a multi-connection embedded database.

We understand that you must be successful in order for us to be successful. As a result, our dedicated technical support provides first class responsiveness - and our customers can confirm it. We look forward to a building a successful future relationship with you.


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iodbc - a complete console utility for database access using ODBC.

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