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Important Features - FirstSQL/J Enterprise Server Edition

  • Multi-threaded database written in 100% Java for use on any computing platform with a 1.1 JDK, or greater, JVM
  • In-Memory mode or traditional Disk access mode startup options
  • JDBC (full 2.0, partial 3.0) Type 4 Driver with J2EE Connector Architecture 1.0 & 1.5 (JCA), Scrollable Resultsets
  • Scalable - Unlimited Enterprise client/server version, multi-CPU support
  • SQL92 - Intermediate Level with support for recursive queries and advanced null processing
  • Optimized query engine - optimized for PreparedStatement
  • Full Transaction processing reliability, Distributed transactions (XA/JTA) support, 4 Isolation Levels
  • Fault Tolerant Active/Standby configuration for Continuous Availability
  • On-Line Backup and N-way Replication
  • Object-orientation - Full Java Object persistence using unmodified Java classes and methods
  • Internal Java Object Support - Java types mapped with SQL database types
  • Comprehensive SQL access to persistent data, complex objects, and methods
  • Execution Sandbox open to allow additional Java API's inside the database
  • Stored Procedure language is Java - Static methods are stored procedures
  • Component Model provides greater stability and deployment options
  • Comprehensive administrative tools - AWT GUI and Command-line Tools for database creation, development, administration, and much more
  • Import/Export, Build API, RemoteLogger, Monitor, Admin API, Push API, Arbiter API, and more
  • Excellent world class technical support from Java, database, and J2EE application development experts