Database Console Utility

iodbc released, version 1.00 (finally!)

iodbc is a complete console utility for database access using ODBC. iodbc reads a batch of SQL commands and executes them, providing formatted output. iodbc works with most ODBC drivers and can be ported to most platforms. The included iodbc.exe is a Windows Console Program.

iodbc emulates the operation of isql, a database utility from Sybase and Microsoft.

iodbc provides its own help. Type: iodbc /?.

iodbc is distributed free by FFE Software, Inc.

Download iodbc (source, exe) iodbc.c (source)
iodbc.h (source)
readme.txt (doc)

iodbc is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

iodbc is in Print! Released!
Check out World Wide Web Database Programming for Windows NT by Brian Jepson. Jepson's book has tons of great information on Web Programming plus iodbc. The book describes installation and utilization of iodbc and uses it throughout for examples and utility functions. Details:
    World Wide Web Database Programming for Windows NT
    Brian Jepson
    Wiley Computer Publishing
    ISBN 0-471-14930-6
The CD-ROM that comes with the book contains a full Web Server and a copy of iodbc.
iodbc 1.00 - finally, a released version of the popular database console utility. The Beta 2 version was so robust that it's being used worldwide. The release version (1.00) fixes a few minor bugs and adds the capability to specify input and output files without command line redirection. The new version can be easily ported to Unix, Mac, ... as well as 16-bit operation under Windows 3X.

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