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This section contains articles and papers on important issues in database today. It is a forum for concepts and ideas that receive little or no coverage from the mainstream media. The papers and articles in this section deal with general database ideas and are not vendor-specific.

There are 2 sub-sections:

  • Technical Articles - detailed discussions of important technical concepts in database.
  • Issue Papers - controversial opinion papers on important database issues.

Technical Articles
This sub-section contains articles on database technical topics. The technical information provided is not vendor-specific; it is of general interest to database users and developers.

It is the purpose of this sub-section to fill in the cracks - to provide information not available elsewhere.


Issue Papers
This sub-section contains opinion papers on important issues in database. Much of the material in this sub-section is controversial.

Even though Relational Systems dominate the database landscape, the Relational Model is under attack from within. The Relational Model suffers from poor implementations. The products from major Relational DBMS vendors are proprietary, contain well-known bugs and are weak in Relational Functionality. Standards, including ODBC, are held hostage by large vendors with their own predatory agenda. The Relational Model and Open Standards are pawns in the competitive battles between the giants.

The users of database systems are the ones shortchanged by the inadequacies of these systems. The computer press is concerned with bells & whistles and with top-selling products, ignoring the real issues of usability, compatibility and functionality. This forum will try to shed some light on these areas.


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:. Technical Papers
Technical Articles (all)
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Issue Papers (all)
Should Nulls be considered harmful?
Do DBMSs Process Subqueries Correctly?
Open Database Access and ODBC
Relational Databases, Do Users Benefit?
In Defense of Nulls
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