FirstSQL Professional for Android Beta Available for Download

FirstSQL Professional for Android is a powerhouse Object/Relational DBMS that understands the importance of Standards.

FirstSQL ORDBMS extends the SQL-92 Standard with additional relational capabilities, including true domains and recursive queries. Other features include 'tear-away' databases, high availability, in-memory operation, external database access and the power of Objects in the Database. For more details, see the Datasheet for the product, below.

The FirstSQL Download includes the ORDBMS packaged as an Android Library. When linked into client Android Apps, the FirstSQL Library provides full access to the data with the power of Object and Relational. The Download also includes database utility Apps and comprehensive documentation.

The FirstSQL Android Library is an Embedded DBMS suitable for linking into client Apps and accessible through JDBC. In addition to the standard JDBC API, the Library provides APIs for database maintenance.

Active FirstSQL databases may reside in the Android File System or in memory. Also, it is possible to load (initialize) a database (file or memory) from a resource file; database resource files are an entire database condensed (and optimized) into a single file.

The FirstSQL for Android Download is a single jar file intended for installation along with Android Development Tools. The FirstSQL download includes its own installer written in Standard Java.

To download the jar:

Datasheet for FirstSQL Professional for Android 3.3.0

FirstSQL Professional for Android is an Object/Relational DBMS that understands Standards.

FirstSQL Professional for Android features:

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